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Iron Mesh Pallet
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Iron Mesh Pallet

Iron mesh pallets are designed with 4-sided steel mesh specifically used to contain raw materials, spare parts, and production supplies. The spring-loaded opening and closing side design is convenient for loading and unloading goods when needed
Parameter Description
Material Steel and Iron
Brand INPA
Feature Storing goods in parcels, supermarkets, and food management warehouses requires a certain amount of ventilation
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Product Details

Air convection is essential to maintain quality for some products. To ensure the storage and transportation of goods, iron mesh pallet product was born. With many similar characteristics to iron pallets, this product brings many necessary values ​​to the business owner. To better understand the characteristics of iron mesh pallets, INPA invites you to refer to the article below.

What is iron mesh pallet?


Iron mesh pallets have a simple but sturdy structure, ensuring the necessary functions for the warehouse. Their material is made entirely of SS400 cold-rolled steel. There is a specialized support frame and spring connection system, designed with 4-sided drop doors, convenient for picking up and storing goods when not in use.

In addition, thanks to the trolley system, they can also be easily stacked on top of each other, easily moved directly by hand. Mesh iron pallets save transportation time and labor with a leg design that leaves space to help the forklift fork easily insert.

Pallet khung lưới gắn lò xo thuận tiện cho việc đóng mở pallet để lấy hàng bên trong

Material of iron mesh pallet

Iron mesh pallets are used with SS400 material similar to other types of pallets. This type of material is not only very durable but also ensures many of the most necessary features. Besides, they are also painted with a layer of electrostatic paint to help ensure durability and increase the necessary aesthetics.

When powder coated, iron mesh pallets are superior in many features, usage time, and can both be stacked on top of each other and increase storage area according to height. Mesh pallets have wheels for easy movement and can be removed for stacking when not needed.

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Kết cấu đế chân hình tam giác giúp các pallet có thể xếp chồng lên nhau

Size and Load of iron mesh pallets


Storage capacity of iron mesh Pallet: from 100 to 2000Kg or depending on the needs of each customer. Their standard sizes are usually:

  • Length 1000 x Width 1200 x Height 1500mm
  • Length 1100 x Width 1100 x Height 1500mm
  • Length 1200 x Width 800 x Height 1500mm
  • Length 1200 x Width 1000 x Height 1500mm

These sizes can also vary depending on the customer's purpose. The versatility and flexibility in each size and load helps iron mesh pallets gain more trust and choice.

Ứng dụng của pallet sắt lưới phổ biến để chứa phụ tùng, nguyên vật liệu sản xuất

Average lifespan of standard mesh pallets


Similar to stacked iron pallets, this type of product usually has an average lifespan of 3 - 5 years, but if customers use it carefully, this number can completely increase.

The issue of longevity, or durability, is also one of the concerns of customers. However, if used safely and carefully, INPA guarantees the durability of this product.

INPA là đơn vị chuyên sản xuất và cung cấp pallet lưới sắt chính hãng

Why should you choose INPA iron mesh pallets?


With the criteria of putting quality first, any INPA product ensures all necessary features, not just iron mesh pallets. Not only that, the company always sets many criteria to be able to serve all customers' needs.

Understanding customer psychology, INPA branded products always achieve high standards, long-term durability and the most assured aesthetics. We always strive every day to bring customers the most reputable products.

Be a smart consumer when choosing the best quality iron mesh pallet products for your unit. Choose INPA and you will not be disappointed because of our experience, professional skills, professionalism, enthusiasm, high sense of responsibility and outstanding preferential policies for customers.

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