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 Stacking Steel Pallet
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Stacking Steel Pallet

Stackable steel pallets with a sturdy and sturdy support system, allowing each pallet to be stacked up to 2 - 5 solid and safe floors. Supports load capacity up to 4500kg/pallet
Parameter Description
Material Steel and Iron
Brand INPA
Feature Stacked many floors high to store goods
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Product Details

Stacking steel pallets are one of the most versatile and widely used types of pallets. The structure and applications of this type of pallet are presented below, helping customers choose the most suitable type of pallet for their business warehouse.

What are stacking steel pallets?

Stacking steel pallets are a specialized type of pallet often used in heavy industrial warehouses with a quite special structure. Pallet frames are rectangular in shape, they can be stacked high without using shelves. At this time, each pallet will act as a shelf for goods.

Thus, with the option of using stacked iron pallets to store goods, businesses can still effectively utilize existing warehouse space to scientifically improve storage flow.

INPA là đơn vị chuyên cung cấp pallet sắt xếp chồng

Structure of stacking steel pallets

Standard stacking pallets are made up of the following parts:

  • Base surface: Is the point where goods are placed and fixed, where the main weight of the pallet.
  • The 4 pillars help the pallet to stack pallets of the same type firmly.
  • The 4 legs help the base of this pallet to be securely fixed on the 4 pillars of the other pallet.
  • Beam bars: These are steel bars connecting two pillars to fix the load-bearing capacity of the pallet.

Conventional stacking pallets are made from heavy-duty steel, powder-coated or galvanized depending on warehouse conditions and business requirements.

Popular stacking pallet models today

Based on usage and design, stacking pallets can be divided into 2 types:

Nested stacked pallet: A pallet model capable of stacking 2 -5 pallets of the same type. This pallet can be permanently welded or flexibly assembled depending on the design and customer requirements.

Mẫu pallet xếp chồng dạng lồng tận dụng hiệu quả chiều cao kho

Pallet stacked upside down: A pallet model that allows stacking from 2 - 4 pallets with the principle that if the number of pallet layers is n, the number of layers of goods will be n+1. With this arrangement, pallets containing goods (wooden, plastic or galvanized pallets) will be placed on the floors of pallets stacked upside down.

Pallet xếp chồng úp ngược tăng cường số lượng pallet để chứa hàng

Advantages of using Stacking iron pallets

Customers can evaluate whether this type of pallet is suitable for their business's warehouse or not based on these advantages and disadvantages.

  • Storing goods does not require warehouse shelves, saving significant space.
  • Can be stacked from 2-5 floors, helping to take advantage of the height of the warehouse.
  • Has a structure and materials that are durable over time.
  • Tonnage: suitable for tonnage from 500-3000kg/pallet.
  • Flexible: easy to move, change pallet positions easily, without much effort when rearranging the warehouse.
  • Save space: pallets can be stacked neatly and neatly.
  • Save space rental costs by effectively utilizing warehouse space.

Ứng dụng của pallet xếp chồng phỏ biến đối với kho chứa vải

Investment cost of stacked pallets

Currently, the cost of investing in stacked pallets is quite diverse, depending on the pallet material and construction price. Therefore, to receive a detailed quote, contact INPA now. With many years of experience in the field of warehouse equipment, INPA is proud to be a reputable unit providing quality products at competitive prices for your business.

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